Does your portfolio align with your values?

Get the answers you need about responsible investing at an exclusive event.

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You can build wealth doing the right thing

Would you rather invest in a sustainable company or big polluter? Fair trade, or child labour? What if you could choose between supporting community investments, or fat executive bonuses?

Investment portfolios come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but socially responsible investments offer an option where your values and your portfolio can align, without sacrificing returns. No one should have to choose between building wealth and building a better world.


Enjoy a tasting and hors d’oeuvres while you learn more about responsible investing, including a presentation from NEI Investments about 7 great reasons to invest responsibly. PenFinancial’s team of certified Responsible Investment Specialists will also be on hand to help answer your questions.


We don’t just offer responsible investing, social responsibility is in our DNA

Our Truly Local Commitment is the heart and soul of our philosophy, where we believe the prosperity of our members and our community go hand in hand. We donate 10% of our pre-tax profits back into the Niagara community, a living wage is our minimum wage, and we are a Certified BCorporation – just a few ways we are invested in our community.

When it comes to responsible investing, we walk the talk. Every PenFinancial Advisor is a certified Responsible Investment Specialist, and we’re here to help you build wealth doing the right thing.

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We TRY HARDER. We have heart. We know you do too. We choose CHANGE. It takes COURAGE to be different. Driven by PURPOSE. Having fun and feeling good about our choices. We believe the prosperity of our members and our community goes hand in hand. Together we get what we give. We are TRULY LOCAL. Remaining inclusive and accountable, with integrity and respect. Improving lives. Strengthening communities.

This is our commitment to each other.