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Our Truly Local Commitment

Our Truly Local Commitment is the heart and soul of PenFi’s philosophy, where we believe the prosperity of our members and our community go hand in hand.

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Truly Local

When you invest with us, your money goes back into your community to help other members achieve their goals of buying their dream home in Crystal Beach or opening a small business in downtown St. Catharines. Plus, we reinvest profits by donating to local organizations because we believe the prosperity of our members and our community go hand in hand.

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Truly Local

We know Niagara’s economy, housing markets, and unique communities (yes, even you Chippawa and Ridgeway). We are Niagara’s truly local banking. We hear you and want to help. Learn about how to live your best life in Niagara with our articles, stories, and truly local advice.

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So, what exactly is a Wealth Advisor?

The banking world is full of helpers and specialists. Member services representatives. Financial services specialists. Wealth advisors. The list goes on. Who are these people and what do they do? Well, that depends where you go!

Truly Local

So you want to work here…we can’t really blame you. It could be the best decision you’ll make in your life. After all, when you work at PenFi, not only do you get to work in the community where you live, but you also get some truly awesome perks along the way.

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Truly Local

Already a member? Share the love of PenFi with your friends and family and you’ll both be rewarded! Together we can improve lives and strengthen communities in Niagara.

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